My child has a school guidance counselor.
Why do I need to go outside of the school for help with the college application process?

First Step Forward’s services are made to compliment your school counselor’s efforts. While many school counselors are great at what they do, in recent times they have been stretched very thin with regard to their responsibilities. School counselors often have case loads of hundreds of students and besides the college admissions process; they have other responsibilities.  Jamie will be able to dedicate the time necessary to walk your child through every step of the process.

When is the best time to start focusing on college counseling and the admissions process?

The earlier you start, the better prepared and less stressed you will be. First Step Forward begins working with students during their sophomore year after they have adjusted to life as a high school student and are beginning to take more difficult courses while also focusing in on their individual interests through extracurricular activities.

My child is already a junior or senior, is it too late to benefit from your services?

It is never too late to begin receiving help with the college admissions process. Although we do typically begin our work with sophomores, many of our clients also begin working with us during their junior and/or senior year.

How are your services structured?

First Step Forward offers comprehensive packages for students in 10th grade, 11th grade and 12th grade. Our “Road to College” package includes comprehensive services that guide students through all aspects of the college admissions and application process. Our “Senior Package” is designed to help Seniors manage deadlines and complete applications. We also offer limited hourly services should your child only need help with specific pieces of the process as well as group format workshops. Packages are tailored to each specific client, please call for individual questions and more details.

How many one-on-one meetings are included with each comprehensive package?

The number of one-on-one meetings will vary by client.  Additionally, unlimited phone and email support will be included with each comprehensive package.

Is there a limit on how many schools my child can apply to while working with you?

No. First Step Forward places no limits on the number of schools your child chooses to apply to. With that said, First Step Forward suggests that students apply to between 8-10 schools.

Where do your sessions take place and how flexible is your schedule?

First Step Forward sessions take place at the client’s home. Our schedule is structured to fit the busy lives of high school students. We offer evening, weekend and summer hours to accommodate our clients’ needs. Students with comprehensive packages get priority scheduling.

Do you work with groups of students at one time?

First Step Forward offers workshops covering the overall college application process, interviewing skills, resume writing, financial aid and scholarships, and admissions essay writing. These workshops can be conducted at a client’s home with two or more students/families present.

Where are FSF clients located?

FSF clients are located in the tri-state area.  Jamie will travel in and around New York City and its suburbs to service clients.

What are Ms. Lulow’s qualifications?

Jamie is a NY and NJ state certified school counselor. She has her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Personnel Services from Fordham University and has worked as both a college admissions officer and as a high school counselor.

Does Ms. Lulow belong to any professional organizations?

Jamie is a proud member of NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counselors) and ASCA (American School Counselor Association).